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Yul Edochie Academy

……………………….. A Subsidiary of Yul Edochie Arts World


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Yul Edochie Academy

***Yul Edochie Academy is a Subsidiary of Yul Edochie Arts World Ltd***

About The Academy

Yul Edochie Academy is a subsidiary of Yul Edochie Arts World. It’s an academy for acting, a training ground for actors/actresses which was founded in 2015 by superstar actor and film director Yul Edochie.

His dream is to build an army of well grounded, focused and professional actors and actresses, mentor them and steer them to greatness. This dream was nurtured as a result of the decline in quality and professionalism of upcoming Nigerian actors and actresses, thus Yul Edochie took it upon himself to address the situation.

The Yul Edochie Academy offers aspiring actors the opportunity to meet face to face and interact with Nollywood superstar actor and director Yul Edochie, learn from him and get connected to the mainstream of Nollywood.

Yul Edochie who is the son of veteran actor Chief Pete Edochie and a graduate of dramatic arts from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt takes time off his busy schedule to teach his artistes personally and pave way for the best among them. Its a golden opportunity. Do not miss it

The Yul Edochie Academy is a 4 weeks program. The classes will hold on Saturdays in various locations around Nigeria . To participate you should always be available to travel on short notice.

  • The Basic Course: After registration the applicant will be given a timetable of classes. The classes will hold in Abuja, Lagos, Asaba, Enugu, Owerri & Anambra. The applicant should be able to travel when given a lecture date and venue.

The Professional Course: After completing the basic course the students will be invited for our auditions or on our movie set for further teachings and get to prove themselves Yul Edochie will be teaching his artistes the entire ethics of the job. Preparing them for screen acting through Field Training, Practicals, Audition. During the professional course some Nollywood Stars and ace Producers may be invited to meet with the students so they can have a first hand communication with them, and learn from them. Our auditions are conducted by Yul Edochie himself.

The Best Artistes will be selected to feature in 3 Movies produced by Yul Edochie Arts World, and subsequently do more depending on the strength of their performance.

Meetings are also scheduled regularly between our students and Yul Edochie himself depending on the state he is at any point in time.

Benefits: Meet Yul Edochie face to face, learn everything about acting directly from him, all his secrets. Learn the entire ethics of the business. Be more professional. Feature in Yul Edochie’s movies. Meet ace producers in Nollywood. Get well connected in the movie industry.

You can view pictures and videos of the academy activities by going to the Gallery page.

For more information please contact us through the Contact page.

To apply Click Here

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  1. Hello good afternoon but the fee is too much for me, can i pay for the form and late pay the fees, how can i do it because i have nobody to support me

  2. am interested, I jus got d information from my Instagram page by d hero him self @yuledochie, bt a little bit confuse really wana knw more abt it b4 embarking, am in Edo state

  3. well am mr wisdom from imo state,haven seen your responses and seriousness i guess am interested.Although even before now am interested.i please i want to know both the online and the physical,how many months will it take?furthermore,the totorial must it be online?finally can someone come to your office at lagos in order to do both the and tuition payment?

  4. bro yul am talented in acting i have once joined a movie industry but i backslided due to finance,cos i have no sponsor, am from nkanu east enugu state 09056452987 am really interested in acting.

  5. yul, please it will be of great advantage if you can have a branch of your academy in port Harcourt because there are little or no academies here in port Harcourt. I can assist you on that if you need my assistance. here is my number 08137933843

    1. Yea it is possible. We have foreign students. Contact us through the contact options available on the site to discuss registration procedure. Thank You

    1. You can’t do practicals without theory.The training involves both. Read about the academy properly. 😊

  6. Sir,am so impressed and wanna join this program but it seems as if am late already to apply since the program kicked off on early may…..advise me on what to do next please

    1. Application is still on going. It is not late yet. Please proceed with your application. For more details contact us through the contact page.

  7. But My Best Actor…if someone is not in Nigeria but in America and also interested how is it Possible???

  8. But My Best Actor…if someone is not in Nigeria but in America and also interested how is it Possible???

    1. If You go through the “Online classes” page and the “how to apply” page you will realize that the academy accommodates internationals.

  9. I wish to join as well bt am in school right now.u knw as a student,we dnt have much(I mean money),that I have to wait for another opportunity like this.thanks for making this great academy.may the lord help(Amen)


    1. They will be treated equally. You will have access to the same things.Attend classes same time, ask Yul questions directly, Even participate in practicals.At the comfort of your home.

  11. Yul I trust u and your Dad Pet Edochie my up A 2 u!. I know dat this your idealogy must come successful. I really thank u for dat idea, but u really hv to position d schl to any possible niche at Enugu state and d issue hv 2 take so serious becose u know dat students hv 2 subscribe before he/she could hv any information dat is circulating abt during d saturday lecture. I also wish to know if d schl is made for both Science and Art students who has been qualified frm SSCE. Thanks in anticipation for your co-operation.

    1. Thank you. The school is available for Enugu applicants also. It doesn’t matter if you are a science or art student. Both qualifies.

  12. I would love to have physical interaction during the training session, because am based in Enugu. And is the training from Monday to Saturday? If it’s online training, will I just be getting Handouts?

    1. The physical classes happen every Saturday in lagos, however online classes will happen on the internet but will have physical classes once a month in Enugu.

  13. Hello i would really love to be part of these Academy but i am not in Nigeria i am from The Gambia is their any possibility of me been part of the Academy.

  14. I realy love dis. Pls i am ready to sacrifice nd put my effort in other to get there. But pls cn d money be paid installmentally?

  15. wow! in love with the academy already… how can I be part of this cos ve bn waiting for this kind of opportunity for long. not base in Lagos tho so do U ve hostel for outsiders

    1. You can register by contacting us through the contact page. We don’t handle accommodation for applicants. Give us a call we would like to discuss options.

    1. You can either call this number 09038300784
      Or EMAIL
      Other contact options are in the contact us page.
      Use whichever is most convenient

  16. There are no payable fees at the “how to apply” page…
    I’m not based in Lagos but would love to attend the academy. So I wish to know all the payable fees…

    1. Please call any of these numbers for immediate response 09038300784, 07012775557
      or Whatsapp: 09037359580.
      Thank You

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